Ticks can survive just about anywhere. They are very resilient creatures and are able to withstand cold as well as extreme heat. They can be found all over CT and New England. They are even found on sand dunes at the beach.


Tick seasons

Ticks thrive all through out the year. They are active and dangerous throughout the year. It is wise to treat your property several times per year. We start our treatments early spring and go all the way into late fall sometime around Thanksgiving. Ticks are resilient and do not die off in the winter. Every year the tick population grows along with the cases of Lyme Disease in CT.




Mosquitoes are annoying and also carry diseases. Safeside Treatments will greatly reduce the mosquito activity so that you can enjoy your property again with out risking your health. Several cases of West Nile and EEE Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been found in many towns throughout Connecticut over the past few years. The number of cases seems to be on a growing trend.



mosquitoes on the property

Control and minimize the mosquito population on your property. Take back all your outdoor living areas by using Safeside Treatments through out the year. Enjoy having dinner on your patio with out worrying about annoying harmful mosquitoes. Keep your children & pets safe when they play outside. No parent should have to worry about mosquitoes causing harm to their child.

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