Eliminate Ticks and Mosquitoes

Safeside Treatments is committed to giving our clients the best possible service at the lowest prices guaranteed. Keep yourself, family, friends and pets safe from harmful ticks and mosquitoes. Call us today for a FREE Estimate. Ask about our latest discounts being offered.

tick control

We price our services based on the size of your property. We will treat all areas where ticks are such as bushes, grassy areas and mulch beds. We also include the perimeter and the entire lawn to give an extra layer of protection. Contact us with your property information and specific needs. 

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mosquito control

We can include this service with the tick control or do it as its own service.  We treat the entire property including 20 feet up into trees. This treatment has a set price for half acre and for a full acre or more. Prices may vary with properties larger than an acre. Contact us today for a free estimate on your property.

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Estimates are easy simple

Getting an estimate is easy and only takes a few minutes. We use a satellite image program to get an accurate measurement of your property. Contact us via social media, Call/TEXT 860-477-4189 or email us at safesidetreatments@gmail.com .

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We will automatically E-mail you an invoice after each service with the option to make your payment online. We accept debit and credit through PayPal, which is both safe and convenient. If you plan to be home at the time of service you can pay in person, or you can mail your payment, by check or money order, to:

Safeside Treatments P.O. Box 7272 Berlin, CT 06037